Getting noticed is all about the approach. You need to grab your prospects attention and draw them in.

On the web, you have about 3 seconds to do just that.

This is where hiring a trained, experienced SEO Copywriter really pays off.

As a well trained and certified AWAI (American Writers and Artists, Inc.) copywriter, I write copy that engages your prospects and keeps them coming back to you. You become their go-to for advice and quickly become a well-trusted source for their future purchases.                                 

I believe that staying current with SEO changes and Google criteria is crucial to your success. Because of this, I am a proud AWAI Circle of Success member. You can rest assured that I never stop learning and am on top of any changes in marketing and SEO best practices. Your site will always meet the newest Google criteria.

As A Christian business owner, you won’t let business principles interfere with your Christian values. As a fellow Christian, I get it. To reach Christian markets you need a copywriter that speaks your prospects’ language and respects your principles and beliefs. A writer with integrity and Christian values. That’s what I do. I am the Christian SEO Copywriter.