As a full-service web copywriter, Christian SEO Copywriter offers the following services:

  • Website Reviews – to ensure your site is inviting, engaging and expresses your message clearly.

  • Direct Response Sales Letters – to introduce new products and persuasively reach a wider audience.

  • Blog Posts – to provide helpful content, boost SEO, build trust and engage your prospects.

  • eMails – to build powerful relationships and increase website traffic.

  • eNewsletters – to increase prospect involvement, introduce new products and keep your name front and center in your prospects’ minds.

  • Content – used to boost SEO, increase time spent on your site, deepen prospect and customer relationships with your brand.

  • Fundraising Letters – for non-profits and charitable organizations, to carry your message to the readers’ hearts, touch their benevolent spirits and inspire them to give.

  • Auto-Responders – a powerful marketing tool that boosts your brand and embeds it into your prospects’ subconscious.

  • Downloadable Reports – Who doesn’t like free info? A great bonus for those signing up for your eMail or eNewsletter.

  • PPC Ads – compelling copy to use in your current or new PPC campaign that gets clicks.

  • Articles – to use as a bonus, encourage the sale, push your business’ unique selling proposition and build strong relationships.

  • Web Page Copy – grabs your visitor and engages them, expresses your unique message in a powerful way. Drives SEO by increasing time spent on site, number of pages viewed and overall perceived value of the information provided.

  • Banner Ads – for your current marketing campaign or a new campaign. Banners that draw prospects in and practically force them to click.

  • Landing Pages – a strong landing page welcomes your prospect with a promise of things to come….a weak landing page loses them.

  • News Releases – keep customers and the general public in-the-know on your growth and achievements. Sharing your successes builds your reputation as a growing, powerful force in your area. Who wouldn’t want to be part of that?

If you don’t see what you need here, it doesn’t mean I don’t provide that service. Simply drop me a line or give me a call to find out which other services I offer.