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The Importance of Content

I get asked all the time, “Why should I provide free info? Won’t that decrease the number of customers I get?” The answer is a loud “No.” And here’s why…

I have a cousin who is heavily into MLM. She now sells hundreds of products for dozens of MLM companies. Every time we talk she tries to sell me something. There’s no small talk or family updates any more. It’s gotten to the point that I let her calls go to voicemail. I have shut her off. I don’t want to be “sold” to. Who does?

Has your business become the “MLM Cousin?” If the only contact you have with your customers is a sales pitch, the answer is yes. Your potential customers have shut you off. They are sending you to virtual voicemail. And you are, most likely, as unaware as my cousin is.

So, how do you change this? By providing helpful, timely content– free info. And who doesn’t like free stuff?

Content has several purposes:

  1. It builds relationships
  2. It keeps you front of mind
  3. It builds trust
  4. Establishes you as an expert
  5. Builds loyalty

Relationship Building

Would you rather buy from someone you’ve never met or someone you know? Simple question with a simple answer. So, how do you get your customers to feel like they know you? Provide articles that explain what you do. If your a plumber, provide helpful articles on plumbing. Make air filters? Provide articles on air polution.

This is not the time to pitch the sale. This is the time to establish rapport and begin growing the relationship. Let them know you share and care about their concerns.

Staying Front of Mind

When you provide free info on a regular basis people will remember you. If I read several articles on plumbing, for example, and I suddenly need a plumber….who do you think will come to mind? The company that provided all that great free content, of course!

Building Trust

If all you ever do is push the sale, you become the “MLM Cousin.” Nobody trusts her. They shut her off and send her to virtual voicemail.

However, if you provide helpful info on a regular basis, you build trust. The potential customer trusts that you have genuine concern for their issues. They trust that you can and want to help them.

Becoming the Expert

Free content lets you strut your stuff. An electrician who posts helpful content on rewiring a dishwasher proves he’s knowledgeable. A lawyer who posts how to establish a trust fund does the same.

This is your chance to shine! Show that you are an expert in your field…no matter what that field is. Sharing what you know is the best way to show your expertise.

Building Loyalty

You know that guy who gives great advice? Every group has one. He’s “the guy” the rest of the group goes to when they have an issue. There’s a reason he’s “the guy.” He gives good advice.

Every time you post a helpful piece of content you are locking yourself in as “the guy.” The one people turn to for answers. This creates a customer that will turn to you every time…loyally.

The Down Side

You may be thinking, at this point, “if I teach people how to do what I do, why would they hire me?”

Let me ask you something…..just because you know how to bake bread does it mean you stop buying bread? Of course not.

If you show me how to change tires, I’m not going to run out there and change my own tires. I’m going to hire an expert to do it for me…I’m going to hire the guy who showed me how to do it.

And I’m going to hire him because he was front of mind and proved his expertise. I feel like I know him. I feel like we have a relationship and I will stay loyal to him because he has helped me in the past.

Helpful content on a regular basis can propel your business into the stratosphere. I can help with that. It’s what I do.

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